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The 2 Main Steps of Using a Survey to Start Your Preschool

You are certainly aware that opening your own new preschool to kids and their families is not a simple goal to achieve. Countless things need to be thoroughly assessed by different responsible entities.

At Accent Online, we will guide you on how to expand your knowledge of digital marketing and customer engagement to create a survey. This survey will work as one of the starting points for you to evaluate what your community needs and wants from a preschool.

Keep it easy and focused

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An online survey is a great tool to understand how to set up your preschool for success. But structuring a survey can be quite overwhelming as there is a vast array of topics on which you want to gather opinions.

Your first survey should be easy and quick. The focus needs to be on your general goal: what are the main things that the community requires from a preschool.

Avoid detours to more specific topics. You will have time to address and analyze those. Structure the survey with sections and points for better organization and easy answering.

Get responses that matter

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A survey packed with yes or no questions and multiple choices is much easier and quicker to answer. It would also grant you a lot more feedback since more people would be willing to take just a few minutes.

But in this case, a survey like that won’t work. Although you need to include your share of direct questions, what you really want to collect is substantial information. You need insights, tips and suggestions that you can actually put into practice.

For that, you have to allow the survey takers to go deep in their answers and openly share their opinions.

It will be much more complex to analyze and interpret, but it’s the way to make sure that you get valuable and reliable information.

Another way to guarantee that you get responses that matter is to resort to digital marketing. Your online survey needs to appear in front of your target audience. Parents, families, education professionals and other child care providers.

Develop a simple, but sharp and user-friendly website. On the landing page, include your survey. Get familiar with search engine optimization to discover which keywords your potential customers use when looking for preschool services. Then, use them on your website and your survey.

Engage with early education groups on social platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Post your survey on those communities and ask the users directly to complete it. Chances are they will share it on social media with their own networks.

Before putting in all this marketing effort, you should test the final draft of your survey with family members, friends and colleagues.

Ask them to approach it from a customer perspective. Let them recommend how you can add value or remove clutter.

An online survey is a powerful tool to deeply understand what your target requires from your preschool.

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