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The Top 3 Ways of Using Digital Marketing to Promote Your Preschool

Every single type of business needs to adapt to the digital era. Preschools are no exception. Learn the three best ways to promote your preschool with digital marketing.

Preschool website

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Nowadays, the vast majority of parents resort to search engines to look for a great preschool for their kids. If you don’t have a website, you simply will not be found.

Even if you have a website, you can be losing lots of potential customers. You have to develop a search engine optimization strategy.

Get knowledgeable on SEO as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to pack your website with the keywords that parents are searching for. That will grant you a higher position in the results and, subsequently, more customers.

Social media

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Social media is currently the best way for you to engage with families. You must have a strong social presence. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Remember that each network is completely different than the other. You need to study the characteristics of your desired platforms and adjust your posts accordingly.

As a preschool, the content you post needs to be friendly, light and fun. But you must also make sure that it is clear, relevant and concise, and that it transmits an image of professionalism, inclusion and trustworthiness.

Email marketing

person using white laptop computer USA The Top 3 Ways of Using Digital Marketing to Promote Your Preschool - The Top 3 Ways of Using Digital Marketing to Promote Your Preschool

Some parents may not have social media accounts and may not browse the web often. But almost everyone checks their email regularly. You need to leverage this reality in your favor.

Sending generic, formal and depersonalized information via email simply won’t work. Families will have zero interest in reading it. It’s just spam.

The content you send to your potential customers through email needs to follow the same rules as the content for social media. It has to be compelling, enjoyable, relevant, straightforward and professional.

One of the best ideas is to create a weekly or monthly newsletter. Use it to share news, stories and activities.

With a great website, social media presence and email communication, you will be ready to attract more parents and kids!

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2 Essential Steps to Start Your Preschool

When you decide to start your own preschool, it’s obvious that your main focus is on the children and on how to provide them with the best possible care services.

However, that does not make it less of a truth that you are actually starting a business with the ultimate goal of generating profit.

You need to come up with a business plan as well as decide on how to finance the project. You need to provide the best customer support, develop a digital marketing strategy and continuously engage the families.

As experts in digital marketing and customer engagement in preschool education, Accent Online will guide you through of the most essential steps to start your very own preschool.

Develop a business plan

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Once you are absolutely confident that you have what it takes to open a preschool, you need to evaluate the needs in your area and draft a business plan accordingly.

Assess how many families near your location have young children. How many of those might be looking for a new child care provider?

Conduct thorough research on the other preschools in your area. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they offer that you also need to provide if you want to be able to compete? Are there any services that you could offer to put you one step ahead?

An extremely important step is to calculate to the tiniest detail the costs of operating your preschool. To what entities will you resort to help finance the project? How much do you need to charge to guarantee a profit?

More on the marketing side of the plan, how will you attract families? And how will your mission, services, values, methods and visual identity make you stand out?

Creating and implementing a business plan can be very hard, but it’s absolutely crucial. Although it will cost you additional money, we suggest you reach out to agencies that provide business and financial services.

Their expertise will guide you from day one towards a successful business plan and the most intelligent financial decisions.

Leverage the power of digital marketing

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Once everything is planned out, it’s time to market your preschool. A website, a Facebook business page and a Yelp page are absolute musts.

Their content and the visual presentation should be clear, simple, to the point, relevant, dynamic and user-friendly. From there, it would also be beneficial to establish a strong online presence on other networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Starting a blog is a powerful tool that gets families engaged. Regularly post top-quality content revolving around the topics that parents care about. Use the blog to promote your preschool without being excessively sales-oriented.

Focus especially on your values and methods, as well as on how your services answer to the needs and wants of the families in the area.

When it comes to traditional marketing, you can produce leaflets, place ads on print media and participate in community events.

With a well-designed business plan and a forward-looking digital marketing strategy, you will be equipped to make many children and parents happy. Follow our tips and see your business grow!