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Hello and welcome to Accent Online! Our company provides digital marketing and customer engagement coaching since 2017. We work with hundreds of child care providers across the United States.

We have decided to bring a glimpse of our coaching into our brand-new blog. The same mission that guides our work in coaching preschool professionals is what guides us in producing content for this platform.

Our goal is to keep all children, parents and family members engaged in the early stages of education. We do it through the power of digital marketing and by constantly adapting to the shifting parenting and consuming paradigms.

Here is an overview of our content plan for the upcoming months:

Essential steps to open a preschool

In this article, Accent Online focuses on the business, financial and marketing aspects of opening your very own preschool. Read this piece to find the best tips to draft your action plan and to leverage online promotion through digital marketing.

Common parent mistakes

As consumers, we all make mistakes when purchasing products and services. Parents often make them when choosing the preschool for their children. Read about two of the most common mistakes and discover how your preschool can work around them with solid digital marketing and engagement services.

How to offer the best customer support and engagement services

In this piece, our team of writers shows you how you can implement six of the best practices that stimulate engagement. Learn how you settle customer support and engagement services at your preschool in a way that always keeps families involved.

How to create the best online survey

A great way to assess what your community needs and wants from a preschool before making any further plans are creating an online survey. You will understand how to write it and structure it. And you will learn how to make sure that you receive relevant and actionable feedback.

Digital marketing tools to promote your preschool

Chances are that, as a preschool professional, you are not fully maximizing the unparalleled power of the internet and social media to promote your center. Worry not. In this article, Accent Online teaches you how to apply tried and tested digital marketing tactics to your website, your social media presence and your email communication.

Using digital media for parent engagement

Accent Online is all about digital marketing and customer engagement in preschool education. But what about directly combining the two worlds? Check out how to truly take advantage of various digital media channels to guarantee that parents are always updated on their children’s progress.